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Topic n.4 by Rodrigo Galdino
Ancient Vehicle Technology
Ships + Cars + Droids+ (submarines?)...

"If you want to build the future, you need to look to the past." - Viktor Spasiuk, Phisicist, 1939
Earth, 2149. 72 years after the Revolution of the Autonomous, the machines are still ruling the earth. The humans are living under the bloodiest dictatorship in whole history. Every inch of the planet is under the most rigorous surveillance by the droids called Centurions, the "eyes of the Governor". Every man, woman and child over 7 y.o are forced to slavery, specially on the deep minerals mines. But they still need the humans for science and arts which are the only two areas that the machines does not have total control yet.
A group of scientists formed by humans were sent to Antarctica in a expedition on a search for minerals leaded by an old robot called " Third Eye". In the 7th day of excavation into a very deep glacier they found disturbing ancient structures revieling thousands of inscriptions and very detailed pictures. Those pictures looked like very advanced flying, walking and wheeled machines. Suddenly, they found a fleet with 5 of those amazingly designed objects in a chamber 3 feets bellow those structures. Third Eye is a renegade and he and the humans started to work in secret together, studying it and translating the inscriptions. The inscriptions are actually instructions to build and drive those marvelous vehicles. After 3 years studying in secret, the group started to design and build their own vehicles based on this ancient magnetic powered technology, more advanced and powerful than any other vehicle ever built on earth. They wanted to use those vehicles now to get out of this cold and difficult terrain in Antarctica and with this new power in hands start the so called "New Human Order" against the tyranny of the machines.
So Have fun boys and Jenny!

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