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7 Head

Topic n.03 by Arthur Martins
Heavy duty + bio-mechanic + Africa
In the future due to global warming three quarters fo the earth are covered by water. All the great global economics formed a group in order to try to find a escape from this situation and move remaining population from around the world to the last dry land in Earth: Africa.
Africa stil the most ihospitable place we know. They need to find basic survivol elements such as water , minerals and food. You don’t see much of animals around, but we have the most dangerous animal of all kind: humans. “The Seven Head Corp” (name we call that new global group) have to find a way to move massive amounts of mineral, wood and nano-meat (engineerd and very expensive protein) from the now known placed called “far land” through the “Killing Mo-Ahoak Desert” fill with starving and well armed savage tribes. Transport by the air is not possible anymore due to solid sand storms and no chance to use solar power since the sun was blocked by massive vapor clouds. Temperature still high and long journeys are just possible to new bio-mechanics engines made mixing old steam technology and new genectic modified muscular engines.
The race for survivol starts with you…

Swaroop roy final