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Craft for Moscow

Topic no.01 by Vojtech Stransky
WHERE?- Moscow 2069 in age ressurecting Nicola Tesla technology from 1930s antigravity propulsion system.WHO? new generation russia 2069 new superpower using new 100% clean energy....WHO? Scenario ,user is new age businessmen ,he needs luxury vehicle protecting himself and the crew from danger thermonuclear Sun energy,in the place of future USSR russia that turns by global warming into crazy heated and sun burned place where luxury antigravity vehicle is the thing to go in businessclass.
Thee guy wakes up in morning future USSR that is worlds superpower,he opens the aluminium window auomatically ,but the sun burns so hard he feels its pointing into his eyes like a knife,the future is bit dark but he has good faith ,the economy is strong and growing on clean energy Teslas antigravity propulsion systems and they are the main themes of his sexy luxurious private machine.The global warming made outside more danger place than ever ,needed thermonuclear protection for your skin,eyes and also transportation vehicle...he opens the doors of his floting cyberpunk aluminium appartment and he immiadetelly feels the blow of the hot wind on his face its not a desert, its not a hell but its close,its more real than you can imagine its the Moscow in 2069 the house of Moscow opera is the destiny,sentiment in his eyes is great,he feels there is something very classy and kind of art nouveau of the 2069 ,ornament is not a crime and he feels and knows that the future he is living in is the ultimate class of Art in hyper space-travel do you show art nouveau of 2060's? Just look at his transportation machine he wanna drive today,its monster its naturally beautiful.... its like an techno angel but very hi-tech with special wings thats is taking care of you.

Swaroop roy anti gravitymf