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Topic no.02 by Ian Galvin
Secure Package Courier / Akira / Shapeshifting
Currently almost every personal file, data cache, and video is accessible remotely, in the future that will become more and more true. Companies will continue to secure their most sensitive files and individuals will continue to skirt past their firewalls in an always evolving arms race. There will always be a need for companies, governments, and criminals to move important items like documents, classified files, or artifacts from one location to another. In the future there will be small groups of couriers who have a special set of skills that allow them to move through congested, dense urban environments. They are one of the only ways to move something of great value securely, quietly, and most importantly: quickly.
The vehicles they use are almost like a second skin, they arc and dive through back alley short cuts to avoid long lines of commuters waiting to access the super highways snaking around the city center. Some of them use high visibility systems that basically stop traffic in it's tracks, dazed by the couriers lighting arrays as they fly through intersections, others cover their units in matte black polymer coats that suck all light in and reflect nothing back, making them seem like a shadow as they cut through traffic on the way to their destination. The vehicles they use can morph for aerodynamic purposes and to get into tight spaces, they are often branded to show which courier company they work for and the more independent individuals go for unique liveries that set them apart. They are almost exclusively powered by electric energy sources with a few opting for hybrid propulsion systems that have a higher burn rate but don't require frequent recharging. Regardless of the style each vehicle is very individual to the owner and is a point of pride, they often meet up after work and compare new modifications and show off scars from their most recent run in; usually from an angry motorist but an occasional arc burn from a private security officer is not unheard of...